Format: 12''   

Label: Senza Nome   Cat: SNZ001

Label: Senza Nome

Cat: SNZ001

Release date: 07/09/2020



For the first release, Giordano and Oniks, jin forces as ANAM.

Doppia faccia, where Erratic synths and tweaking patterns create an air of assonance throughout the track and spares minimalistic drums create the drive. FX laden hooks gather momentum as sub heavy drums and spacial atmospheres create the backbone.

Vertebrate leans more on a subtle build up pf the elements as each piece gradually builds and delivers on high intensity.

Don’t fight in the night, brings a more melodic tip but still retains a tough standard drum workout, soundscapes and breaks.

In the future, closes the first Senza Nome release with high-speed rave sounds, counterbalanced by atmospheric melodies.

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