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Format: 12''   

Label: NNY Records   Cat: NNY002

Cat: NNY002

Release date: 13/08/2018


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Super smooth release on NNY Records full of lush and sensual tracks. On the A side we can listen to Nicson (Flumo Recordings) who delivers an excellent “Straight To Heaven” in a Deep-House 90’s mood, full of energy and class; after him F. Vinuesa (Solid Tapes) approaches Lo-Fi and Acid paths with “Highlands”, a tune that is is capable of transporting you to another dimension. On the B side Mateis e. aqir (Jungle Gym Records) presents “Natural Sense”, a track that also takes you to a different dimension, this time more oriented to open spaces, in a Balearic and New Age mood fused with a leftfield touch which is a delight; and to close the compilation we have the great work of I See You In The Plants, the new aka by Pablo Diskko for productions in an ambient techno-dub wave that absorbs you and catches you. A superb and an essential work.

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