Son Du Nord

Format: Cassette   Ice Frost / Download Code

Label: Structured   Cat: XTRCTRD.01

Label: Structured


Release date: 01/03/2021


Hay existencias

Like cold northern winds, this sound approaches to discomfort the weak, and make those well-adapted feel alive. For all those who experience noise as a new form of contra-meditation, with its brain-saturating sensory information that enables disconnection and liveliness.
This cassette continues/tells a story through different soundscapes, composed with modular synthesis, field recordings and music coding languages, by the hand of the young Max Frimout, Physics student and music producer with a wide range of musical affinities and notable distinction.

Evolving from noise to casual percussion, with a final unexpected melody, it captivates and satisfies the true listener who is able to complete and understand the 6 cuts of this Ep.

We present the first reference of the X series of Structured Records, where experimentation of highly abstract electronic music will take place.

First Cassette edition from Structured Records (Spain). Worldwide exclusive distribution by Envelope Structure.

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