Format: 12''   Colored vinyl

Label: Illegal Alien   Cat: IARLTD018

Cat: IARLTD018

Release date: 10/11/2020


Hay existencias

We are extremely excited and proud to present you our next record and belongs to Chicago Techno Legend DJ Hyperactive. Considering the high quality of the entire catalog he has under his belt, we are thankful to have the opportunity of releasing ‘Soul’ one of his classics and has long been one of peoples favorites. Along with it, for this record we are also counting with great remixers, one from another legend Mr. Mark Broom making an epic version of Soul and two outstanding remix collaborations, Mari Mattham alongside Ricardo Garduno and Submerge with Virgil Enzinger, also providing brilliant interpretations of the original track. With so many new takes, all the the tracks have moments of beauty, building pieces from hundreds of tiny details with so many textures and melodies involved in this project. Don’t miss out on this release.

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