Søulless - I Am Abomination

Format: Cassette   Black

Label: Industrial Complexx   Cat: IC021

Cat: IC021

Release date: 31/03/2022


Hay existencias

Søulless returns to Industrial Complexx with I Am Abomination, his second album on this label, on which he has also released two more releases with Agent 15, a project born in this new pandemic era and formed by Francesco Rachele and Felipe Novoa, and with Moral Excerpt, a duo he forms with his compatriot Davide Pappalardo, also a contributor to our reviews section.

Søulless, and the different projects of Francesco Presotto, base their sound on the roots of industrial music, with massive rhythms, degraded structures and a deep respect for the origins of this musical genre. However, the interpretation of Søulless is completely open, as it feeds on different influences and techniques more typical of other experimental styles.

I Am Abomination shows the creative skills of Søulless with six tracks in which the author recreates six chaotic and perverse scenarios, in which the attitude of a human being with great self-esteem problems is denigrated. This concept is perfectly transferred to a sound environment, each cut shows different moods, in which psychopathies, fears and degenerative mental problems appear.

Artcover: Mimusa
Mastering: SOJ

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