Space Adventures

Format: 12''   

Label: Tomahawk   Cat: TMHK004

Label: Tomahawk

Cat: TMHK004

Release date: 16/02/2018



Tomahawk’s fourth release finally lands with the debut EP of German talent Jurchen. Highly influenced by 80’s rough electro, house, jackin’ and techno sounds; this raucous 4-tracker launches us on a breakneck journey into interstellar space.

Opening track title ‘Space Adventures’ is an epic ride over the event horizon and into the heart of a black hole. Bold kicks and see-sawing bass, melded onto perforated synth work and sluggish robotic voices evoking early 80’s barbarous sci-fi scenes. Following on the A2, ‘Is It So Unsafe’ takes us into intergalactic territory, accelerating polyphonic synths building up to a trippy cosmic climax.

On the flip side, ‘Vibin Since 1987’ is a slow slide into the parallel multiverse where the faint whirring of a B-Boy’s tracksuit midflow echo behind a voguing bass line and a stop ‘n’ stutter drum pattern made to cut shapes & squat to. A glinting, scintillating 8-bit melody line melts the remaining flesh from the scorched skull.

Last but not least, ‘I’m Everything You’re Not’ is a final dose of fun for an energetic closing. The track chugs on with cheerful, chanting vocals and a pumping bass-synth for the true club dancers. One for the real movers and space-age hedonists

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