Format: 12''   

Label: Pitch Down Records   Cat: PD002

Cat: PD002

Release date: 05/04/2016


Hay existencias

Pitch Down uses an auditive language of shape, colors and sound to collect compositions under the sign of deepness and heavy-textured tracks.

The sources from which individual artists drew their musical arguments were diverse, and reflected the social and intellectual preoccupations in all areas of digital culture at this time.

World goes fast and the label wants to help the listener to slow down, almost stopping him, giving the time to reflect and watch everything from a more detailed perspective, suspended.

Pitch Down indicates a departure from reality in depiction of sound in music.

The second release is a split between the Label owners LC12 and the rising star Autre.

On the first side Rumore and Orphidal are opening the release with a 115 bpm proto-ambient track filled with liquid grooves and tribal elements while in the second cut they are showing us their faster and deep-acid side with Conversations.

On the other surface Autre is killing it with Filter Sessions 329, a mental techno trip did while experimenting with his new filter bank, an 808 and a Juno 106. The B2 is an elegant track with a Fred P-esque touch, suitable for every kind of dancefloor.

Don´t sleep on this!

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