Format: 7''   Black

Label: Arido Records   Cat: ARDLTD002

Cat: ARDLTD002

Release date: 22/03/2021



We present the second edition of our 7′ vinyl series, Production made by the talented and renowned Argentine artist Alderaan. Producer who has taken his work to the most important labels in the world and one of the representatives of the acclaimed Danza Nativa label.

SR10 (Original Mix) is the title of the original track from the EP and stands out for the subtlety of its construction, a composition where the elements wander in a sonorous and complex harmony. Constant that generates states of immersion and 0 gravity, motivated almost immediately by the exquisite melody presented. SR100 is a clean, elegant track with the poise of a well-respected producer on the world stage.

The complement of the EP is a magnificent remix made by Ricardo Garduno, a Mexican artist, probably one of the most important in Latin America, owner of the influential Illegal Alien Records and participates in other labels that enjoy widespread respect in the world. SR100 (Ricardo Garduno Remix) maintains the hype spirit of the original track, weightless brimming with complex textures and well-crafted sounds.

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