Star Signs

Format: 10''   

Label: ANAØH   Cat: ANALTD001

Label: ANAØH

Cat: ANALTD001

Release date: 08/06/2020



The Mexican artist Fixon has been very active in recent months with his releases on Illegan Alien, now from ANAØH, his own platform that he shares with Dig-it, presents this translucent 10′ Vinyl limited edition called ‘Star Signs’

On ‘A’ Side we can find 2 original tracks:

A1 – Star Signs: track that gives its name to the release, powerful inspired by showers of stars, hypnotically driven techno.
A2 – Walk On Mars: is a short sound passage, a spacewalk, set by a drone environment.

On ‘B’ Side we find the remix of the Spanish artist 30drop, who has done a great job with the track ‘Star Signs’ which has deconstructed it to turn it into a musical path full of energy and elegance.

Serious techno cuts. Ultra limited. Exclusive distribution

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