Format: 12''   

Label: Subsist records   Cat: SUB-05

Cat: SUB-05

Release date: 18/09/2018


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‘Behavior’ is a group of processes designed from perception, stimulations created to empathize indifferently with each one according to the moment and the enviroment, mental techno that concieves very different realitys in the animic state of the reciever.

Kalter Ende is the artist behind this new reference for Subsist Records, the manchegan producer is in a great moment and creates a very soundful detailed reference in wich the percussive elements accoompanies all a set of armonic molecules.

‘Downstairs’ settles over a deep support and exhibits an algorithmic melody that intensifies its presence progressively against all pronostics.

‘Before White’ doesn ́t lead the reference and can ́t act as an introduction, ambient track that reflects a spiritual nature similar to the nirvana.

‘Behavior’ on the interpretation of the argentianan Pulse One , the disonant factor permutes with an acid line, a real bomb.

‘Lost System’ presents an igneous and bubbly character with an extraordinary controlled rampage of delays.

‘Artic Circle’ the evolutive formula of the melodic sequence is applied till confuse momentarily its tonality and closes the record with a sixth track that performs perfectly its closing task.

‘Outro’ raises from the insides to closet he reference on vinyl format.

‘Small Star’ and ‘Converging Light’ complete the digital bonus , the first one has a similar esthetic and structure as ‘Artic Circle’ but this time it ́s much more transgressive, in the case of ‘Converging Light’ it matches with a solid base with a melodic random effect.

‘Behavior’ the original is the track that closes the digital contents and doesn ́t apear on the wax format, track where the strident rythm fluctuates and colors all the composition. (text by Ximo Noguera)

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