Surface Treated

Format: 12''   

Label: Delsin   Cat: 139DSR

Label: Delsin

Cat: 139DSR

Release date: 14/10/2019


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Unknown collective Lost Trax return for a third EP on Delsin following two previous outings since 2017. Also releasing on the likes of Tabernacle and Frustrated Funk, they deal in emotional music that comes direct from the heart and heads straight for the dance floor.

‘De Laye’ is a quick and slick, deep and dubby techno cut with plenty of room for the twisted bassline and busy, bristling drums.

‘Surface Treated’ trips you out with sci-fi sounds and electro influences that recall classic Detroit as they surge into the future and ‘Interstate’ then gets perfectly dreamy and far sighted, with thoughtful chords and keys drifting up top about tight, punchy drums.

This most serene and sublime EP ends on ‘Still’, a crisp electro cut with icy keys and plenty of machine made drum funk. It makes for a most stylish and timeless collection overall.

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