Format: 2x12''   

Label: Delsin   Cat: 138DSR

Label: Delsin

Cat: 138DSR

Release date: 23/09/2019


Hay existencias

Way back in 1996, Delsin’s first release was a cassette of homespun productions entitled Publik Draft by the unknown producer Peel Seamus. Few people that grabbed a copy of the tape, mostly sold through electronic music bulletin boards and mailing lists in the halcyon days of the internet, would have predicted the path this fledgling Dutch techno label would take over the next 20 years or more.

Peel Seamus was an alias adopted by Marsel van der Wielen, and Delsin was the vessel he launched to indulge his love affair with the electronic music of Detroit, and the inspirational seeds it subsequently scattered across Europe. Since that first tape, there have been just a few scattered Peel Seamus releases – a mere handful of 12”s around the turn of the century – but in the meantime Delsin has grown to become one of the most significant labels for deeper strains of techno the world over. There have been peaks and troughs as waves of hype pass through different corners of the electronic music scene, but at this point Delsin stands proud as a veritable institution.

Looking past the early demo nature of Publik Draft, Van der Wielen has finally turned his attention back to his own musical archive to gather together the first Peel Seamus album proper. Comprised of tracks mostly composed and recorded around 2000, Susurro forms something of a skeleton key that helps unlock the rest of the Delsin ecosystem. It’s easy to hear the formative experiences Van der Wielen had growing up in the pre-internet era, falling under the spell of the Warp Records Artificial Intelligence axis – Aphex Twin, Black Dog Productions and Autechre – as well as Kirk Degiorgio’s A.R.T. label, Carl Craig’s Planet E and of course Underground Resistance. It’s also little wonder he was digging the sounds of Eevo Lute, the trailblazing Dutch label that carried some of the earliest deep techno sounds hailing from the lowlands.

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