Take Me Back To The South

Format: 12''   

Label: Iberian Juke   Cat: IJ012

Cat: IJ012

Release date: 06/06/2018


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Iberian Juke is extremely proud to present ‘Take Me To The South’, sophomore album by label founders BSN Posse and our first ever vinyl release. After their debut album ‘Forever’ for British label Slime Recordings in 2015, the duo from Málaga has been on quite a strong form with a handful of powerful releases including several EPs for Iberian Juke, Modern Ruin, Below Music and Breaking Bass; the b-sides, bootlegs and remixes project ‘Summer Madness Series’, and incursions for label imprints Sequel One, Hyperboloid or Vandal Ltd.

With this album BSN Posse want to reflect their love, respect and passion for the footwork culture in general and for the city of Chicago in particular, with its guetto suburbs being the origin and starting point of the juke and footwork movement. ‘Take Me To The South’ combines masterfully in eight tracks elements of jungle, drum & bass, soul and funk with the classic juke and footwork take at 160bpms. The album has a very special bonus track (digital only) which contains a vocal sample from DJ Rashad during the lecture he and DJ Spinn gave at the RMBA number 14 which took place at the ‘Matadero’ in Madrid in 2011.

‘For us sampling has never been a synonym of stealing, since we started producing music as BackStreetNoise in 2010-2011, we have used thousands of samples. Sometimes just to destroy the original piece, other to convert it into something completely different or as an extra resource for the track. The nice thing about sampling for us is to use something that it is not yours to build something that it is: productive recycling we would say. ‘Take Me Back To The South’ is probably the release where we have made most use of samples, practically all the tracks contain samples from other tracks that we have mixed with our own melodies and rhythms to create our own story’

This album is a sincere ‘Thank You’ from the duo to all the humble artists that work extremely hard to put footwork into the international electronic music scene. Thanks to this culture we have travelled to incredible places and meet new people with the only aim of sharing our passion for the 160bpms.

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