TCMF 001

Format: 12''   

Label: TCMF   Cat: TCMF001

Label: TCMF

Cat: TCMF001

Release date: 27/01/2020



Frank Bean aka “The Classic Mutha Fucka” first hit the decks in the early 90’s and has since then built up his audience through his own parties and very memorable classic electro DJ sets at the world renowned Killekill parties in Berlin.

Detroit Techno has inspired him throughout the years and that is noticeable in his productions under the moniker “The Almost People” and his new project “The Classic MuthaFucka”. The likes of Funk, Hip Hop and early Detroit Techno have helped him train his ear. What to expect from a Classic Mutha Fucka set? The perfect marriage of sound scapes blended with electro and hip hop that mutate every so softly into a zone that scrapes the surface of sex and nerdism. His delivery is ever so subtle to the musical ear and that of the listener/party goer. You must expose yourself to a full Bean set in order to experience the Tension that builds ever so subtlety. The ears and feet will tremble as will the mind and soul

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