The Dark Phase Experience

Format: 12''   

Label: Gladio Operations   Cat: GO003

Cat: GO003

Release date: 19/08/2020


Hay existencias

Despite experiencing moments of some uncertainty across the planet, the Gladio Operations label nevertheless takes a gamble and launches its third EP titled “The Dark Phase Experience”, once again opting for an EP by several renowned artists.

Latvian artist Dmitry Distant opens the EP with “Latvian Electronics” an excellent and intriguing cut of dark atmospheres, based on a very well moulded line of acid.
The renowned French producer Fleck E.S.C who has releases on labels such as Central Processing Unity or Electrix Records among others, gifts us “Mobcoss”, an extremely enigmatic track with powerful bass, which clearly breaks away from the traditional electro sound.
The British electro producer Scape One returns to Gladio with “Click Click Drone” a fantastic track where the sequences especially stand out, and which inevitably resonates with the mythical German group Kraftwerk.
The talented duo from Madrid Telephasycs!, and label owners of Rator Mute, close the EP with “Head Rush” a powerful and dark dance floor-oriented cut, beautifully infused with mysterious and captivating harmonies.

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