The Dirt On Our Hands

Format: 2x12''   

Label: Avian   Cat: AVNLP005

Label: Avian

Cat: AVNLP005

Release date: 08/06/2020



This is the first feature that he publishes through his Avian label after going through Mote-Evolver, Bed Of Nails and Hospital Productions in his three previous albums, and it comes a few weeks after having published the third reference of his Drifting Over series.

Consisting of eight themes, The Dirt On Our Hands was written last 2019 just before the British left his residence in Berlin, as he explained to Resident Advisor. “I had been trying to write a new album for a while without success, I guess I was exhausted from everything. Eventually, this fell over the course of a month or two. I became quite obsessed with changing the way my records sound in terms of tone and palette, but trying to do it without losing what defines me. “

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