The French Theory - Lost On The Way To Destelbergen

Format: 12''   Black

Label: N9   Cat: N9.041RM

Label: N9

Cat: N9.041RM

Release date: 06/12/2021


Hay existencias

At last, here’s the vinyl repress of the most sought-after track from French New Beat band French Theory.
Originally released in 2008, this homage to the Boccacio, (the revered New Beat and EBM temple, located in Belgium) tapped into the heart of the New Beat soul.
It soon gained cult status for its gloomy ambiance, heavy industrial beats and catchy melodies that propelled the classic New Beat sound into the 21st century.

Out of print since, it’s back on vinyl as a limited edition, with the added energy of a powerful remaster by cult techno & acid master Thomas P. Heckmann , plus a brand new diversion exclusive to this vinyl on the flip, “Back To Destelbergen”.

Get ready to wave the white glove again, and get lost into the music!

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