The Psychic Power Of Ambiguity

Format: 12''   

Label: RLGN ‎   Cat: RLGN003

Label: RLGN ‎

Cat: RLGN003

Release date: 31/01/2019


Hay existencias

Does music have a duty to explain itself? Maybe. It’s only rock ‘n roll, isn’t it? Me, I like a bit of mystery…I’m not obsessed, like some people, with deciphering things. You know how it is: the whodunit is thrilling until you fnd out whodunit. To unpick the thing is to kill it – resolution is a kind of death. So I guess there’s only one sensible choice: never explain, never apologise. Keep the idiots guessing.” K.S.

The Psychic Power Of Ambiguity: a new work from the artist known as SRNDR, remixed by raum.null and Merchants. To keep idiots guessing.

Comes with handstamped A4 insert.

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