The Sky Is Gone But You Are Still Here

Format: 12''   Carmine, Marbled

Label: Zhark   Cat: ZHARK0024

Label: Zhark

Cat: ZHARK0024

Release date: 07/06/2014


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7 years after the last Zhark Vinyl Release, Heavyweight Techno Nihilist & Labelhead kareem opens up another
chapter of advanced technoid NOIZCORE with his 11th full length EP on Zhark.
After a few years of silence kareem had just reemerged with releases on Foundation Sonore (FS 01) ,
PORTO RONCO on Death of Rave or MESMER on Zhark Digital but is now threatening to inspire more
uncompromising percussive hostility. Let this just be the beginning:
Whereas Side A emphasis on a very distinguished DANCE FLOOR groove concept of Machine Funk embedded
in metal Layers Side B leaves room for a less formatted approach building up tension which is leading to a free
firezone of depravity.
While methodic differentiations can be discovered on each side, the listener is continously confrontated
with haunting sonic extremism.

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