Format: Cassette   

Label: Industrial Complexx   Cat: IC05

Cat: IC05

Release date: 17/04/2020


Hay existencias

Thomas Park is an artist committed to music but in a very different way than most artists, with a much deeper bond, with an extensive and very interesting career, connected in its beginnings with fractal music, a discipline that links composition with mathematical patterns, so that the recursive and experimental music had a great impact already in his first steps as a producer.

His artistic legacy is incredibly broad. In 2005 he founded Treetrunk, a record label that operates as a netlabel and that to date has more than 500 releases, most of them published by Thomas Park himself. Only in the last few months the number of albums he has released is extraordinary, up to 5 LPs in a week, and each one with a different concept.

TheGodsOfFission is a live double-track album in which Thomas Park shows not only enormous creative skill but also a great talent for combining countless sound sources. In this album, field recordings converge with different rhythms and other sound elements that add depth and, in a few occasions, break minimally with his urban aesthetics.

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