Third Contact EP

Format: 12''   

Label: 30D Records   Cat: 30DCE003

Cat: 30DCE003

Release date: 02/09/2020



30D Records sublabel ‘Close Encounters’ publishes its third release ‘Third Contact’ EP on April 24th 2020, (initially on digital release) bringing together a range of artists to express their musical vision as a virtual union, somewhat reflective of the globes current confinement. ‘Third Contact EP’ delivers four tracks from an alliance of artists who are at a peak in their careers; Denise Rabe clearly defines her dark, hypnotic trade-mark aesthetic in ‘We’ll Meet In Shanghai’, a timeless track even before its release. Geistform combines industrial-electro with a raw techno drive, continuously channelling his masterful energy in ‘3C 273’. A more dancefloor-oriented B side features ‘Stolen’ from Temudo, delivering rolling groove and distorted bass-lines, Adriana Lopez closing the EP with her high energy, spellbinding ‘SMV’, both B-side tracks perfectly geared toward a wide variety of DJ sets. 30D Records are thrilled to debut all four artists on this special release and all the artists are equally happy to be able to share their creativity and vision through music with you at these strange times.

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