Format: Cassette   Body Print

Label: Soil Records // Fill-Lex Records   Cat: SOIL14 // FLR-04

Cat: SOIL14 // FLR-04

Release date: 02/08/2021


Hay existencias

Bestial Mouth’s creations in the last two years, the INSHROUDSS EP and the RESURRECTEDINBLACK LP, are the phoenix cries of the project’s rebirth under the guiding hand of vocalist Lynette Cerezo, melding noise and darkwave pop into a theatre of skin-shredding catharsis that brings the project’s post-punk roots to new levels of club-ready destruction—equal parts intensity and accessibility.

THOUSANDNEEDLES pierces that veil with warped reimaginings of both releases, from a diverse selection of artists in the dark underground. Each brings their own unique twist, whether it’s to a dance ritual of pounding EBM and industrialized techno, fog-shrouded darkwave dives, cosmic washes of synthpop bliss, or soul-smashing noise dredged from a sewer cathedral. Dance through the pain, and make new paths of your scars.

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