Format: 12''   

Label: Pinkman   Cat: PNKMN24

Label: Pinkman

Cat: PNKMN24

Release date: 18/02/2019



Alex Dorn aka Credit 00 takes a sidestep from his Uncanny Valley/Rat Life camp to showcase his rumbling, industrial machine funk and bad-ass attitude on Pinkman. Vision gets blurry and panic sets in as the A-Side track “Exctasy Overdose” blasts with vibrating basslines and shrieking sirens. On the flip we have the stripped slowbeat electro cut “Data Control”, showing a huge middle finger to online mass surveillance. The EP ends with the weirdo jam “Weg von diesem Ort” in which Alex samples synth and covers vocals of an obscure, industrial cassette tape from the early 80s.”

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