Traffic EP

Format: 12''   

Label: Temple Traxx   Cat: TTXX0010

Cat: TTXX0010

Release date: 22/03/2020


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Jimi Tenor & Bizz O.D. met 1989 in a Helsinki club called Berlin. They decided to move to New York City in 1992 to start the band “Public Extacy” which never saw the light of day. A few years later, Jimi had already left NYC but was visiting so the two met to record “Bizz O.D. & Jimi Tenor’s Traffic E.P.”. Released in 1995 on OZON Records founded by nobody else but Jammin’ Unit and Biochip C. Originally a 3 track e.p. but we at Temple Traxx thought that it was the right time to remaster and reissue this acid jewel and add an unreleased bonus track called “Girls”. Bizz O.D. & Jimi Tenor’s Traffic E.P shows once more that the two artists are real innovators and pioneers of a sound that is hipper than ever in 2020.

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