Format: 12''   

Label: Lateral   Cat: LAT001

Label: Lateral

Cat: LAT001

Release date: 23/04/2020



The inaugural release on the Berlin-via-Pittsburgh label Lateral comes crashing in courtesy of label head Tom Holroyd aka Torvvo, a creator of booming, psychedelic techno who works by day for the modular synth designers Verbos Electronics. The Trancmit EP is four tracks that are a perfect balance of precise elements and hypnotic diversions, built both for DJs and home listeners. Acidic grooves, intriguing percussion, and spiraling sound design highlight the skills of a producer whose meticulous attention to detail results in memorable moments on and off the dancefloor.

This first release on Lateral comes after several years of the party’s presence in Pittsburgh, where it continues to host events at the Midwestern dance music institution Hot Mass, in addition to several other spaces across the city. With four more releases still to come in 2020, the label and party exist hand-in-hand, translating the party’s energy onto the records and vice-versa.

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