Format: 12''   

Label: Midgar   Cat: MDG05.2

Label: Midgar

Cat: MDG05.2

Release date: 14/12/2016



Materia Ep is the second installment of Ruhig’s double Ep, inaugurated with Particles Ep in January 2016. Originally the records were supposed to be out in the same period, but due to problems with our ex-distribution, Materia Ep got postponed of few months. The release starts with the transcendent Trento, respecting Ruhig’s tradition of broken beats IDM deep techno leaning openers. Consecutive cut The Vector is a thumping mixtures of drones and heavyweight hihats designed with some attention for dancefloor. The slow-burner Materia delivers some powerful mist-shrouded kicks on the B-side, that wraps up with Sciame, a massive droning wave of electro wasps, which still keeps some classy chilled out elements somewhere in the background, behind the thunderous main drums. Vinyl unfortunately left no space for the extra only digital track 1870, this last one is percussive retro-futuristic jam of psychedelic mouth arp and huge mallets drums. The track will be available for free download in the same period of the vinyl

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