Umo - #Slowravers

Format: 12''   Black


Cat: OTN05

Release date: 15/07/2022


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Umo returns to OpenTheNext with another 7 #neodancefloor killer tracks.

The sound of Umo is the result of almost two decades of studying frequencies, vibrations, sequences of movements, plants and ascetic substances, seeking to recover the Music & Dance´s sacred and transcendental vision to ascend and sustain higher states of consciousness.

His new EP is a slow motion rework of the Raves in the 90s´ original sounds & vibrations. Traveling to a time when the dancefloors were true places of healing , authentic liturgies where people danced in community for days with eyes closed – before the internet, smartphones and globalization would corrupt everything.

#slowravers is a sonic journey that encourages conscious breathing and movement, and allows you to empty, dilute and connect in perfect resonance with the void that binds everything together.

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