Urbanfailure - Radical Rest

Format: 12''   Black

Label: Urbsounds   Cat: URB042

Label: Urbsounds

Cat: URB042

Release date: 29/09/2018


Hay existencias

Slovakia’s urbanfailure has pursued an abstracted, cybernetic electronica since the late ’90s. Central to the work is the exploratory interlocution of synths and hardware in crafting a barrage of machined rhythm and terse eruptions of noise. Urbanfailure transmits mutating patterns and sequences from his electronics that are as nimble as they are brutal. Quick turns, jump scares and slights of hand run rampant amidst the crunchy drum programming and granular modulations. Radical Rest is a milestone album for urbanfailure, as these live skills have been honed within the controlled environment of the studio. Cybernetic tendrils of raw electricity erupt and collapse along these unstable spines of rhythm.

Urbanfailure’s origins date back to the time after the collapse of the Iron Curtain and the rush towards a globalized free market. With the opportunities for cultural exchange and economic prosperity made manifest, Slovak (like other post-Soviet countries) was open to a Pandora’s Box of influences. Punk. Techno. Metal. Noise. All of these inspired the DIY underground, but at the same time, many of the agents and operatives in the Slovak music community were quick to take inspiration from the gritty immediacy of social turmoil and upheaval. Urbanfailure’s process of construction and destruction of sound becomes a mirror to the changing Slovak society that he has witnessed for the two decades.
Bold in execution and dynamic in content, Radical Rest is a vibrant synthesis of error, emptiness, and raw energy, with parallels emergent in Chu Ishikawa’s Testuo, The Iron Man soundtracks, the Lagowski productions for GPR, and the final fruits from Pan Sonic.

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