VA. - Hate And Tenderness lV

Format: Cassette   Clear

Label: ANAØH   Cat: ANALTD004CA

Label: ANAØH


Release date: 05/01/2022


Hay existencias

After a year, we are back with our annual compilation series Hate And Tenderness.

Now in our volume IV we continue looking for the congruence between our sound and our philosophy, based on the contrasts such as those found between art and nature.

We have invited 10 artists who add their work and talent to this project built with love and effort.
We appreciate one more year of support and love.
The most treacherous you may have in front
Sipping your beers or sharing your hot dinner
I hope those who always lie will drown
And once in hell they burn forever.
I’ll be there when you cry and when you laugh
In your days of melancholy and in your joys
I’ll be there when you sleep and when you dream
In your deepest fears and in your coldest nights

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