VA - Urbsounds​`​Unpolished Fidelity

Format: 12''   Black

Label: Urbsounds   Cat: URB060

Label: Urbsounds

Cat: URB060

Release date: 20/08/2022


Hay existencias


The Bratislava DIY collective celebrates its twentieth anniversary with new, unheard music on vinyl. The world has changed a lot since the beginning of the millennium. However, Urbsounds still go for noisy and dirty experimental electronics, from which you can feel the spirit of abandoned industrial spaces and punk squats. They commemorate their 20th anniversary with ten tracks created especially for the Unpolished fidelity compilation.
It’s an abstract, raw, aggressive statement, attempting to tame their energy on record. It’s music that takes no prisoners.
Urbsounds have never forgotten their punk past, carrying this as the main line throughout their twenty years. The DIY approach to making and releasing music and organizing parties remained. Synths and tone generators replaced punk guitars. It is a spontaneous, immediate piece built on interaction with hardware. Capturing the moment of jamming on sound modules, effects, and other boxes is more important than composition and studio procedures. It’s music that will never be popular. It’s music for the faithful, for the community. Urbsounds have been maintaining it for twenty years, but they are open to new people – both listeners and creators. Urbsounds also released foreign musicians, but on LP Unpolished Fidelity, you will find their hardcore, only Slovak music.

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