Format: 12''   

Label: Pi Electronics   Cat: PEVA01

Cat: PEVA01

Release date: 07/09/2018



VARIABLE is the first compilation on Pi Electronics, which also kicks off the new catalogue PEVA. This Various artist release includes the works of several artists involved in the label till now, along with some very familiar faces to π that have been supporting the parties in the past years. The aim was to bring the main label roster – artists with original music on PI, such as JK Flesh, Ontal and Damcase – under the same roof as artists that have been with the Pi Electronics project since its early days: the label’s party residents; 3.14, Nemmett and DΛS along with other fellow Athenians; Unhuman, BMSK and the project “I am Legion, for we are many.” The outcome will be available in CD, Vinyl and Digital format, while the vinyl sampler will feature JK Flesh, Ontal, Nemmett and BMSK.

Regardless of the different variables, equation drops back to the same constant result.
Divide and Rule. Sticks over Carrots. Repent or Collapse.

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