Varvet 015

Format: 12''   Purple

Label: Varvet   Cat: Varvet015

Label: Varvet

Cat: Varvet015

Release date: 08/05/2020


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We first got in touch with the Storey when he was a wee one and called himself Al Tourettes. Back in the mid-2000’s he released his debut track on Growth Recordings together with Tobias Schmidt, Dave Tarrida, Cristian Vogel, label boss Lief Ryan and Cynthia Stern, who now runs Varvet funnily enough.

Since then his career has skyrocketed together with Appleblim on R&S and with solo releases on Fabric’s label ‘Houndstooth’, Clone’s ‘Frustrated Funk’ and more.

Second Storey arrives on Varvet with some wicked and disturbed electro and a proper 4/4 killer.

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