Format: 12''   

Label: Gated Recordings   Cat: GTD008

Cat: GTD008

Release date: 05/06/2020



It’s Belgium vs. Malta for the second split EP on Gated, with Datawave’s tough take on electro kicking off the A side and Sound Synthesis’s cosmic machine music on the B.

Both producers are currently making waves with numerous releases on labels like Fundamental and Nebulae, with their complementary yet distinct styles of electro brought together for the first time.

Perhaps the most obviously peaktime track, Datawave’s Pulsar sounds immense, with a wriggling bassline and cracking drums that’ll cut through on a system.

Breach Out takes things darker and deeper, with gnarly and hypnotic synths leading you on some tripped out journey into a dystopic future.

Sound Synthesis, meanwhile, lightens the mood with Lost in Orbit, but retains that sense of moving into the future. Except this time it’s somewhere beyond the stars.

That said, EP-closer MH System is the kind of classic 4am stomper every DJ needs, with a low-slung bassline and spaced-out samples guaranteed to keep the floor moving.

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