Victory Over The Sun

Format: 2x12''   Clear

Label: Semantica   Cat: SEMANTICA113

Label: Semantica


Release date: 21/10/2019



Svreca’s Semantica welcomes Wanderwelle and Bandhagens Musikforening for their first collaborative album, and it comes with some observations from Samuel Coccius written in 1566 about unusual sunsets and sunrises known as the “celestial phenomenon over Basel”. They have clearly influenced the music here, with its crepuscular ambient techno with yawning pads, widescreen synths and a cinematic feel that pulls you right into the centre of it all. Rhythms come from supple and barely-there drums of “Red Skies”, while “Before The Rain” does capture that feeling perfectly with heavenly chords and harmonies. Elsewhere there is darker but just as delicate techno in “Victory Over the Sun” and more besides.

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