Vienna 001

Format: 12''   

Label: Vienna   Cat: VIENNA001

Label: Vienna

Cat: VIENNA001

Release date: 09/03/2018


Hay existencias

DJ Boring and Stanley Schmidt launch new label ‘Vienna’ with their collaborative EP – Vienna001. A new place for their friends and like minded artists to call home, Vienna (named after the city in which they met) kicks off with a three track ode to 90s IDM and rave culture.

Heavy on the atmospherics, opener ‘Stay Young’ weaves field recordings and background noise between primal melodies and UK breaks for an immersive and deeply ethereal cut. ‘Butterfly Walk’ takes you further into the rave, blending classic 90’s euphoria with uplifting piano chords and twisted acid synths, before Stanley’s nostalgic anthem ‘I Neva Said it’ closes out the EP by reworking a David grant vocal over a kinetic electro beat.

Recreating all the experiences and emotions of raves gone by, but through a contemporary lens, Vienna001 offers an impressive glimpse into what’s in-store for the fledgling imprint.

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