Visonia - Claroscuro

Format: 12''   Blue vinyl

Label: Frigio Records   Cat: FRV039

Cat: FRV039

Release date: 11/02/2022



Nicolas Estany is known for his silken synth productions and lurid live shows under his
moniker Visonia. Born in the shadows, this mini-album presents a new sound by the
Bruised beats, crushed compositions and lacerated lyrics are the new terrain
explored, percussion melting with voice in the morphing “The Brain Plays With Me”
and shapeshifting “Don’t Trust In The First Whispers”. Drums are bolstered across the
sextet, rain and rust clinging to brutalised “Who Will Enter First” before rage and
warmth melt in “Aphasia.” Yet, in spite of these darker machinations, that
unmistakable balance of Visonia is present; it dawns in the title piece with its
woebegone words, before resurfacing in the furtive liquid electronics of “Melted

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