Format: 12''   

Label: The Vault   Cat: VLT4

Label: The Vault

Cat: VLT4

Release date: 02/03/2020


Hay existencias

We write the year 2020, the Internet killed the Video star, Pop is dead, and once again, Karapapak has decided to open the doors to The Vault to give us a duo of eclectic, 80s production tinged Dancefloor Homeruns, bending the genre-borders of Techno almost to a breaking point. On one side we are presented with “I Can Rave On My Own” and while it is the more orthodox of the two tracks, it is absolutely mind-bending in its intensity. Focussing on a steadily building Acid Synth and Karapapak’s trademark percussion, it simply builds and builds and builds over it’s entire runtime, almost reminding one of the ecstatic dancers in a Gospel Sermon. On the other side though, we see Karapapak go truly wild, while also paying homage to one of the greatest electronic musicians of all time with “Bang That Alter”. The french house influence is palpable throughout the track, from the samples to the percussion, however nothing can prepare the listener for the Kickdrum plot-twist that happens at the half-way point. No spoilers here. Just listen. You won’t regret it. Because The Vault only carries Gold.

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