VV.AA - The Analog Theory Ep

Format: 12''   Black

Label: Gladio Operations   Cat: GO006

Cat: GO006

Release date: 03/10/2022


Hay existencias

Gladio Operations presents its sixth work, in which it returns to the format of various artists. In this third compilation tilted “The Analog Theory” we encounter various renowned producers from the electro scene in Europe.

This EP opens with the French producer Jauzas The Shining, with a fantastic track titled “Traveling Light” where we can hear his classic dark and hypnotic sound in all his productions.

Next up, we meet an old acquaintance of the label the spanish producer Univac returns again showing off their forceful and aggressive rhythms, entering once again into more industrial territories.

Side B takes off with an exquisite cut by Lloyd Stellar tilted “Re-Entering Earth’s Atmosphere”. The Dutch artist who marks his debut in Gladio Operations, gifts us with an enveloping and very well molded track, with perfectly chosen melancholic harmonies.

German producer Martin Matiske who also debuts with Gladio Operations and has productions on prestigious labels such as Gigolo Records or Stilleben, is the chosen producer for the fourth track tilted “Telepathic Tuning”.
The EP closes with “Round Control” by the young and talented producer from Valencia, Uranio Empobrecido. This track is the most electronic on the EP and possesses the undeniable sound of Detroit, evident in each and every one of the sequences used

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