Walkyries Walk

Format: Cassette   

Label: TJALK   Cat: TJK01

Label: TJALK

Cat: TJK01

Release date: 16/03/2021


Hay existencias

Tjalk records have been around for a year now. To celebrate this anniversary NZM 99, founder of the label, takes care of this 3rd release in person; “Wakiryes Walk” Ep will be the label’s new album.
In command of his ghost ship, NZM 99 takes us to a devastated world where the obsession to preserve his freedom is a real struggle. Armed with his machines and microphone, he delivers his message through Synthwave, EBM and Techno sounds.
Templer, Midnight Machine, Mr Nô and IV Horsemen joins forces with him to embellish this release with 4 remixes.

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