War To The Future

Format: 12''   

Label: Gladio Operations   Cat: GO002

Cat: GO002

Release date: 14/01/2020



The record label Gladio Operations launches its second release onto the market after the recognition of its debut EP Flight to Anywhere released in June.
War to The Future gives its name to the first series of various artists from the label, which includes four electro cuts, exclusively orientated for the dance floor.

The EP opens with a producer from Barcelona Univac, who after releasing Chernobyl tracks on the Dutch label Moustache Records, gifts us with Station Cero, a powerful, devastating track resonating with industrial sounds. The second track titled Poison, bears the signature of the Ukrainian artist Lectromagnetique, a track loaded with excellent dark and enigmatic sounds. The owners of the Gladio Operations label, UHF, open side B with Unexplained Situation, a vertiginous journey wrapped in rich and deep psychedelic textures.
With releases on well renowned labels such as Bass Agenda and Bunker Records, the Serbian producer Alavux closes the EP with Sunset, a fantastic track with an aggressive bass line and significant and repetitive sequences.

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