Warriors Of Xian EP

Format: 12''   

Label: Fundamental Sounds Records   Cat: FDS02

Cat: FDS02

Release date: 21/02/2018


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After Profound Synthesis, Fundamental sounds back to the game with this special ep called Warrios of Xian

The first emperor of China built the Xian warriors because he thought that those warriors could re-incarnate and return to life in this world or some other dimension, recently, some paranormal facts describe that in that place in Xian, time portals led Many people to the future and the past, these warriors will always be alive in some plane of this universe and the same happens and will happen with the tracks of this record

Dcook opens the ep with a very special track, since his native Chicago Cook could not have defined better that is a true example of deep house, with restless and changing drums, you can feel those analog strings that lead us directly to a dance floor , That connection muisc / dance
is inevitable when we hear “New moon Aquarius”

Diego Perrisson continues the ep with a direct blow to your legs, those poisonous drums and the sound of the poly 800 transports you to a dance floor in Chicago in the mid 90’s, sh 101 does a very precise work with low fat and acids For then a break in the middle of the track appears an oasis with smooth and delicate strings, warm sound and direct, powerful

The mysterious Taelue redoubles the bet with a track techno / deep, hypnotic sounds throughout the track make of this piece a versatile track easy to play, its subtle darkness keep us captive and pending of how the track will continue until the end, The bassline do with we can not stop moving, no doubt an ace of Taelue

Chicagodeep closes the ep in a masterful way, they say that the main dish is always at the end and it is exactly what happens with this masterpiece
Native of Chicago, this dj and producer, hardware collector, knows very well how to do his work, from his platform Perpetual Rhythms, knew to conquer the most demanding ears, acclaimed by the press and colleagues. Chicagodeep with 4th chamber is a clear example because it has gained its place in the game

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