We Are Not Brothers - Fuck Work

Format: 12''   Green Vinyl

Label: Oráculo Records   Cat: OR74SE

Cat: OR74SE

Release date: 20/04/2020



The work is motivated by different personal experiences of the members of the band, (a fact that had never happened in their 13 years of career) and is a criticism of the alienation we suffer in our theoretically intended and deserved works, to modern society subtly enslaved, disguised as meritocracy, to the suffocating routine that slowly extinguishes our souls as time goes by without having barely enjoyed the mundane pleasures of life. Nothing new under the sun.
This fact motivated that during the last two years, in one way or another, everyone claimed fuck work!

In addition, these issues are related to some of the topics covered in “III”: industrialization, ludism, capitalism, workers struggle…but adapted to a more current, modern and, above all, personal discourse.

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