We Can't Stop Smoking Volume 3

Format: 12''   Clear

Label: Schmer   Cat: SCHMER013

Label: Schmer

Cat: SCHMER013

Release date: 01/02/2019


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Schmer has tried to stop, we’ve all gone into therapy, but there’s no hope, short of setting the world ablaze: we can’t stop smoking! 2019 see’s Schmer pressing TECHNO records in the EU and PRICED in Europe as a domestic release. As if the continent didn’t already have enough problems, here we come with our latest COMPILATION!

First to drop a match is Amber Shoshona aka Bastet. She is a live electronic music performer and DJ based in Baltimore, MD USA. Her live set is coarse-grained and atmospheric, developing a slow-burning, hypnotic groove. In the studio she creates genre bending electronic experiments. For Schmer she made ‘Torn’, which sneaks right up to you and lights you up.

Delivering oil to the blaze from deep in the Russian arctic is Maxim Makarenko aka 777minus111. The unknown hero from the Russian Techno label he remains in the shade and keeps it real! He runs underground parties in Moscow and is a member of Vinyl Ambulance project in India. He keeps our compilation ‘Getting Dirty Quick’ with his Dan Bell inspired MINIMALISM.

On the flip the fires start with Vague Audio Tapes label head Dominic Martin aka Hero/Victim. Hero/Victim is a sonic attempt at translating unanswered and unheard emotions. Visceral and physical; so as to both, engage and purge the evolving dissonance. Never content. With sound as a context-sensitive metaphor, stories are heard. He also makes weird electronic music and then Schmers all over us with a ‘New Stress’.

Schmerhead BPMF hides a track from another release in this inferno. Its super short as in it goes on FOREVER with a LOCKED GROOVE at the end. If you’re gonna be an emcee, do it in a Wormhole on a LOCKED GROOVE so that the rock will never stop.

Liza Weinstein, Zach Vietze and Jason Szostek were Jack Move. In 1994 they may have made two tracks together, but this is the only one we found lying around in the basement floor. Long before the skinny jean hipsters were rocking beats deliberately designed to confuse the dance floor with their lack of flow, The Jack Movers were experimenting with cryptic funk… It was a Jack Move on their part and they immediately ran out of town to escape retribution, leaving behind their ‘Krippy Shit’.

We Can’t Stop Smoking so you’ll always be able to find us because where there’s smoke, there’s fire… and where there’s TECHNO there’s SCHMER!

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