Wex Special: Part 2

Format: 12''   

Label: Wex   Cat: WEX 00

Label: Wex

Cat: WEX 00

Release date: 09/08/2019



Wex zero series is back with this very special 00 featuring Eversines, Anderson, Adam Pits & Nella. Limited press on white label with a Wex hand stamp.
One record per customer.

As many of you know already we have been ridiculously delayed due to our quality control and not being happy with numerous test pressings. As this is a very limited release we refused to put out anything that we were not happy with as we want these to play loud and clear on the dance floor. After switching pressing plants we are now on schedule again but due to the holidays plants were slows dj baked up. The new lacquer has been cut and the test pressings are almost ready.
But, due to the coronavirus, label head Marco Malpeso is currently stuck and unable to return to Berlin where the records will be delivered and shipped from.. another delay this time completely out of our hands

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