White Cyclus V

Format: 12''   

Label: Zodiak Commune   Cat: ZC-KORE002

Cat: ZC-KORE002

Release date: 15/02/2019


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Zodiak Commune Records presents the fifth release of the White Cyclus serie. This is also the 2nd edition of the KORE serie called White Cyclus V EP.
After when his first album The Butterfly Effect LP got released back in June 2018, our labelresident 1NC1N (NL) is back with 2 Acidcore/AcidTekno tracks.
We also introduce 2 new talents in the scene. AboutBlank (FR) has already released a high energetic EP on Obs.cur’s Future Frequencies, now we are infected with his Acid frequencies!
The last track is dedicated to the young Gelbkreuz (AU). Member of the Multiplan Kollektiv and with his first solo EP on Violent Cases, this time it’s our turn.

1NC1N (NL) – A Kind Of Mental Accord
A total new chapter from 1NC1N’s Acidstory. Turn the pages to understand this mental accord.

1NC1N (NL) – The Alchemyst
Deep spiral Acidtekno. The only person that can brings you back from the netherworld, is The Alchemyst!

ABLK (About Blank) (FR) – Kyubi No Kitsune
Very nice uptempo Acid! He has been proven that the Nine-Tailed mythology is alive.

Gelbkreuz (AU) – Deamons Breath
Dark and mental Acid from Gelbkreuz.Don’t look straight into his eyes. Never let him catch his Deamons Breath!

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