You make me Original EP

Format: 12''   

Label: Proper Line   Cat: PRL002

Cat: PRL002

Release date: 20/05/2019


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PRL002 Uncrat – You make me Original EP …

You Make Me Original is an epigraph that encompasses several senses and qualities such as the inexhaustible influences that alter the artist’s perception.
Mainly there are the influences explored by oneself to give oneself some principles, or some motives,that contribute to take a first step and a good meaning to the creative development.

Also significant is the inherited influence that we receive from our closest environment by way of suggestion, or simply with the positivity that emerges with the very presence of someone we care about. And last but not least, there is the influence that we unconsciously adopt with the moment and the personal context to which we are being subjected.

This constant bombardment of emotions is what defines the trajectory of Uncrat with this new EP,reactions that we can perceive indistinctly according to the situation of each listener.

With Moreal, the Italian producer weaves a sharp structure in which he superimposes a marked punch against a harmonic texture that subliminally diminishes the combative spirit of the track.

You Make Me Original gives more interest to the melodic motifs, pivotal track of the ep, shows the whole nature of the artist, short rhythmic sequences that fit in a mental theme with dissonances and heterodox chords, while remaining with a dancefloor structure.

Acid Roll is the third track in the EP and, although its own title already indicates that its main quality is acid techno, Uncrat adheres to its style of unconventional and tangled patterns.

Gabe Roger is a story that takes place in another universe where life passes fast and without margin of control, where the landscape hides few peaceful moments but still it is worth feeling immersed in this binaural unstable environment.

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