Your Body is my Body

Format: 12''   White

Label: B-O-D-I-E-S   Cat: BODIES001

Cat: BODIES001

Release date: 22/07/2016


Hay existencias

While Suspended In Gaffa is a debuting name, the members are by no means newcomers. They sport an extensive past together as Hinsidan, known for releasing albums on Phisteria and remixing Asche on Ant-Zen.
Further back, Suspended In Gaffa’s Casper Holm was member of the legendary post-punk band Before. While DSM’s early teenage years recordings as The Product were re-released on vinyl a couple of years ago on the prominent US label Dark Entries.

Though there’s no denying the Kate Bush connection, the music draws references to things more ethereal and intense, taking cues from acts like Throbbing Gristle or Recoil rather than the beloved London Nightingale.
It touches both wave, italo, electro and techno without ever comfortably sitting within any genre brackets. Programmed beats are mixed with one take live instrumentations, adding tension throughout the minimalistic and suggestive songs. DSM’s vocals adding that final edge of flesh and blood that separates the band from a lot of the current digital era electronic music. A successful fusion of past, present and future, and a very strong and diverse (re-)debut. Turn on, tune in, drop out!
Look out for the remixes dropping soon by Bronze Teeth, Rivet and Basic House!

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