Zar del Olimpo vol 1

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Label: Fill-lex Records   Cat: FLCS-03

Cat: FLCS-03

Release date: 11/05/2020


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Premiere on Fill-Lex Records of the Russian-Greek producer based in
Seville Maxim Gkikaev aka Rise Black, in which he presents songs composed from 2016-2019, the first release in volume 1, at the end of the year volume 2 will be published.
With an electro heart, these songs give us a review of their last years, a mix of various types within the genre, more aggressive, or with sweetness, in sad and melodic moments or more experimental and raw, with a continuity as few know how to do. . Broken bases and broken rhythms with melodies that will stay in your mind on a direct trip to the brain.

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